I’ve had some experience in lighting design on more than one occasional throughout my university experience. For this particular project, my team was tasked with designing 3 different light prototypes all inspired by different subjects.

Our first prototype was inspired by the deep sea’s bioluminescent organisms. The glass-bodied organisms tend to gather together according to their colour so we were inspired to put lights on tracks in a wavy formation that users could move to set their own light aesthetics.

For our second prototype we wanted to create something interactive on a community scale. Inspired by Aspect Studios’ “The Meeting Place”, a playful installation which encourages social interaction and movement of people through urban space, we created a small-scale prototype intended for a wall in a medium-pedestrian-traffic area. Using different light “nodes”, users could write messages or create art which encourages interaction.

The third prototype is inspired by Pandora’s Box. The light seeps through the sides of our box-structure and a very inviting lid is visible. However, when opening the box, the light goes out. This was also inspired by the Sheikh Bahaei bathroom which contained a gas flame for heating which, according to Bahaei, “the candle’s fire will be put out if the enclosure was ever opened”.

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