My team aimed to improve on the traditional way we view art in a gallery. Our goal was to create an art installation platform which artists can use to exhibit multiple art pieces in a single (digital) frame. By linking the change in the displayed art piece to how people are currently viewing it, we're changing the gallery experience by integrating user interaction and cooperation into the viewing experience.

Our Dynamic Art exhibit displays digital artwork that would change and fluctuate depending on the number of people currently viewing a given piece. This alters the typically individual enjoyment of each art piece into a social event; only by experiencing the art with others will each person be able to enjoy the full range of visuals that each art piece has to offer. This can be used to convey messages by the artist in a number of ways.

For example, if an artist wanted to show the environmental impact of our society, they might make a portrait of a forest slowly wither and die as more viewers approach the frame.

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3D Models


Autodesk Maya