Working in a team of five, we needed to first define an idea space to work in, and then fabricate a working model based on those constraints. Inspired by the abstract works of Karim Rashid and the clear polymers used by Kartell, we chose to design a clock that would fit in with those works.

Our constraints were as follows: Non-techy, Retro-style, Multi-Coloured, Non-Flat, Plastic Only

The clock we designed needed to demonstrate a complicated pleasure and be an alternative way to do something that's already commonplace. We started with form exploration and then started to think of how it would actually function as a clock, but that wasn't enough. We had to give it an extra function that would add a complicated pleasure so we brainstormed how this might work. We researched what could be "pleasurable" about a clock and observed that people often look forward to certain times during the day, so why not make that number the only number on the clock?

The minimalist display of a single (or few) numbers draws attention to one particular feature at a time to contribute to the "affect" and evoke an emotional response. The plastic face affords the user to write on it with dry-erase markers to add another level of customization and interaction.

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