My name is Zac Bush and I am a digital media specialist. My skills are most prominent in the fields of web design, video, and
3D modeling, but I'm also comfortable with photography, product design and fabrication methods. I have been active in
professional web design for 7 years and I am currently working as a freelancer with a few active projects. As a recent graduate
of Simon Fraser University where I studied both Media Arts and Design with the School of Interactive Arts and Technology,
I am eager to face the world ahead and make the connections that will help me throughout my career.


Alumni of Simon Fraser University 2011 - B.A. in Interactive Arts - Concentrations in Media Arts and Design


Proficiencies Working Knowledge
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Premiere Pro
Autodesk Maya 2011
Microsoft Office
Final Cut Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Flash and Action Script 3.0
Solidworks 3D CAD
Max MSP and Jitter